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Country Corners offers a true sense of community with a variety of beautiful manufactured homes that are ideal for every stage of life. Schedule a tour today to learn about upcoming events and offers.

New residents bringing in a mobile home will be reimbursed or will receive a direct payment to the vendor for the setup cost of a home filling an empty lot. Not to exceed $2,500 for a single wide and $5,000 for a double wide. In addition to reimbursement of set up cost, reimbursement of space rent will be paid back to the resident every other month starting the first month of paid tenancy. A total of six rental periods will be reimbursed, provided that all billing is received on time and that the rules and regulations are followed.

Please speak to the Property Manager to learn more.


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    • Lot rent is $296.10 per month for single-wide or $301.35 per month for a doublewide.
    • All homes are metered for water and electrical use. The resident pays for what they use.

Applications & Forms

To begin the application process, please bring the completed Requirements and Application for Residency forms along with the documents requested in the Requirements form to the Property Manager. We CANNOT begin the process without all of these items.

Country Corners Application Requirements
Country Corners Application for Residency